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About Us

Our First Priority - Your Safety

Our each member’s safety is our responsibility and of utmost importance. To ensure this, we have employed only qualified professionals to administer First Aid always available while you are working out.

Highly Qualified Staff – BRIXIES BRAND

Our entire staff is qualified to a minimum of Level 3 – a nationally recognized standard for Personal Trainers. Many of them are specialist in the field having great experience in exercise and fitness maintenance tasks.

Customized Fitness Programs – Made for you

All our new members undergo a fitness assessment and specially designed introduction program to let you know about our services and goals. Depending on your requirements, we suggest you the membership programs which includes – Weight Loss Sessions, Get fit for Sports, Build Cardio Fitness, Strengthen Muscles, Build Heart Health or just the fitness session. Your personal fitness instructor will train you and provides a demonstration of how the exercises and equipment works.

In your service – Every time

Need help with an exercise or don’t know how to use the equipment; your all kinds of queries will be solved by our fitness team. Our qualified professionals are always on the gym floor to help you at times you need attention or any kind of help.

Fix time according to your schedule

We have 5 clubs in New Delhi with more opening soon. You can usually start exercising from as early 5.30am to as late as 10pm weekdays*, 6:00 AM am to 10:00 Am on weekends*. It's best to check with your club for exact opening times. * Some clubs may differ.

Don’t miss out your favorites while exercising

No need to miss out on your favorite TV series, the news or cricket. You can catch them while you exercise. The Cardio section is equipped with TV sets and Music Players. Simply plug a set of headphones into the cross-trainer, stepper or treadmill you’re on, select the channel you want to hear. It’s a great way to workout. Relax your mood in our cafeteria The perfect place to unwind after the workout session is our cafeteria. Take your sit and relax, read news papers, chat with other members and friends as well as enjoy complimentary soft drinks, tea and coffee in the members’ lounge.

Get your near and dear ones together

If you would like to workout together with your friends or family members or, encourage them to start a healthy lifestyle, we will be happy to offer them a complimentary workout including an introduction to our services and facilities.

  • Address: Candor Techspace, Amenity Block-4,Sector-21, Gurugram-122016, Haryana
  • Phone: 0124-4031437
  • Phone: 0124-4031437
  • Email: info@brixgym.com

Our dedicated Freestyle™ areas and fitness experts can help you discover new training techniques and exercises that offer a dynamic and efficient full-body workout.


Come into our GYM and see how our range of group exercise classes can take your fitness further. Why not sample yoga, spinning or circuit training.

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